A Day in the Life of Sal

He's so cute!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Balloon Magic

Here are some pics from this morning's magical trip to a hot air balloon launch. When we first arrived we saw only a single balloon taking form in the middle of the field. By the time we'd parked in a nearby parking lot and walked back, the ground was covered with colorful swollen bulbs that appeared as though forming from within the earth. In minutes they swung up from the ground to loom tall above our heads. Then, one by one, they joined the swarm floating to the east. We will surely do this again.

This adventure was a great reminder that being a parent is the best. Without Sal, we would have slept through the whole thing!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sal's Summer Reading List

Big news at our house: Sal is into books now! He loves to sit in my lap and listen to words, touch the feely parts of books, and turn the pages. He has made a quantum leap from just eating the pages to listening, mimicking sounds I make, asking questions, and turning the pages himself. There has also been a corresponding shift in our interactions at the table. Meal time is really fun now with lots of smiling and communicating. I'm not sure what we're talking about, but I'm sure we're talking. The table is also where we work on our baby sign-language. I'll snap a picture once he starts actually doing signs himself. So far it's just me signing. "Do you want MORE, MORE?"

Sam has been gone for about 2 weeks now and he is sorely missed, most acutely when Sal is screeching in his room while standing up in his crib. I also miss Sam's singing, good nature, and hugs. This time apart has given me a lot of time to think about and notice things around me. Mostly I have noticed the bugs in the house. We live in an old house, and it is busy with life. Sometimes the bugs drive me crazy. Those of you who have known me since childhood know that I'm not a bug killer. I'm a bug bouncer. This house though is a house from which bugs refused to be bounced. In the presence of so many bugs I have a new awareness of the impermanence of life. Gigantic grasshopper is alive today. Gigantic grasshopper is dead on his back tomorrow. Reality is a kaleidoscope and we are backlit until the dial spins and there is a new scene. The bugs are teaching me that death is normal. There is death here but no tragedy. Except in the fridge, where the cranberry concentrate leaked out over the last few days. In the fridge there is tragedy.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

And, they're off...

These legs are headed down the open roads! Sam left this morning on his camping bike tour across Indiana and Illinois. Sal and I will not be joining him for camping because I have a cold and we're not sure Sal would sleep a wink. Instead, Sam will be reading this evening until he is ready for bed. No doubt one of the highlights of the trip for Sam will be sleeping through the night and not having to get up to get Sal when Sal wants to nurse. Sweet dreams Sam!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Movie of both Sam and Sal

New and really cute! Just click here.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Movie of Sal

Forty seconds of Sal can be found on the internet. Just click here.

Who Needs a Rug Anyway?

This is a picture of our living room, from which we have recently removed our rug. Why? Because Sal took a huge poop on it, then sat in the poop, and then put his hand in the poop. This was all in the 2 minutes I was gone to get a new diaper. As you can see from the picture, Sal can stand now when he's balancing against something. He can also pull himself up to standing. I encourage the standing and I love the fact that he takes little steps if you hold onto his hands. He just won't be doing it diaperless from now on.

Daddy Hawkins has news of his own. He is leaving on Sunday for 3 weeks. Our brave Sam will be biking across Indiana and Illinois and then attending a 10-day silent meditation retreat. Many people are impressed by both the bike trip and the retreat. When he gets back we'll have to see which one was harder. Sunday night the whole family will camp together at Sam's first stopping point in Indiana. Then Sal and I will head back to Louisville and Sam will forge ahead. I already miss him while I write this.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nine Month Report

It's been a long time since our last post, a month and a half. In that time Sal has learned how to sit up by himself and also how to crawl! My relationship with Sal now includes comings and goings as Sal crawls away in search of adventure and back to me for nursing, hugging, and play. I like this new phase. His fifth and sixth months were marked by teething and an extreme need for mama. I literally developed a hunchback carrying him EVERYWHERE in my arms. Now he is content to be put down so that he can choose his own direction. It's fun to see him solve puzzles (like how to get up a 5 inch step), and it's also nice when he crawls back in my direction for special mama attention.

In other news, my dad's funeral was this past weekend. It feels so nice to know where I can visit him when I'm ready. The ceremony was peaceful, held on a Saturday morning in the sun. The cemetery is in the middle of the corn fields. We all stood in a circle as my brother and I silently committed him to the earth. It was a good funeral. He is gone now and I feel like we honored that reality in a beautiful way. Special thanks to Grandpa Hawkins and Granny J for making the trip.

Here's a picture of our beautiful boy in his ultra-cute bug outfit.